Atlanta Falcons eBook

Atlanta Falcons Offense: You will find there is only one One Play Touchdown in this eBook. The playstyle I have developed relies on having good route combinations to drive down the field and as well manage the clock. Time management is key in being successful in Madden.



Gun Trey

SE Corner

Pa Post Shot

Levels Sail

Inside Zone

Gun Trey Y Flex

SE Corner


Pa Crossers

HB Draw/Inside Zone


Gun Trio Falcon

PA Shot Wheel


Hb Draw

Pa Post Fork


Gun Tight

Z Spot

Mesh Spot

Drive Corner

PA Cross


Red Zone Audibles

Deuce Close (5 Yard line)

Hb Wham (Spreading their d line)

HB Stretch (Pinching their d line)

Stick (Go to play; Refer to hot routes)

TE Angle


Gun Trey (10 Yard Line)

45 Quick Base

Levels Sail


Gun Split Close (20 yard Line)

Come out in WR Corner

Setting Up Personnel


  1. Go into your depth chart and move a RB that meets the spin threshold in at your starting FB (Using this purely for speed. All Madden: 85 Spin; All Pro: 88 Spin)

  2. Go into Gun Trio Y Off Trio Wk and select the regular package (left on the right stick to get to the package the quickest).

  3. Make sure to substitute in a WR for the TE (This is to have more speed on the field.)

We are always coming out in Y Off Trio WK and audibling from it, when passing in the mid field and further out. *RED ZONE IS DIFFERENT!* Unless using Gun Split Close, or any of the under center formations (deuce close).

Plays and Hot Routes

*Note: When going against Cover 4 quarters rely on Dagger and SE Corner as the crossing routes will be covered. See Gun Trio Falcon for details of attacking cover 4.

Gun Trey

Inside Zone: Sub in a TE for the slot WR. Note: This gives away the inside zone immediately.

Levels Sail: If they begin to double flat one side of the field (Hard flat and cloud flat to one side) this is the time you catch them with Levels Sail. Run it stock and have a tall WR in the slot.


PA Shot Post Set Up 1

  1. Drag your outside receiver

  2. Fade your TE (Which is your RB if you set up the personnel correctly.)

You are creating a high-low read forcing the defender to either cover over the top or underneath.


  1. The deep crossing route (throw it when you see the receiver has beat the user) from the slot receiver.

  2. The Drag route (If they are leaving the flat wide open, take it every single time!)


Pa Shot Post Set Up 2

  1. Drag your TE (Which is your RB if you set up the personnel correctly.)

  2. Fade your outside receiver and motion over to the opposite side of the trips formation. Make sure that the WR passes the TE so he does not block instead.


  1. The TE on the drag

  2. The deep crossing route from your slot receiver.


Pa Shot Post Set Up 3

  1. Curl your outside receiver

  2. Fade your Te

  3. Motion snap the outside receiver when he is between the slot receiver and the middle receiver.


  1. The Curl route (Low ball) or use it as a playmaker.

  2. The deep crossing route from your slot receiver.

SE Corner Set Up 1

  1. Drag the middle receiver and drag your TE

  2. Streak or fade the outside receiver

  3. Block your RB

  4. You can change who you put on a drag. But the corner must ALWAYS be on the field. If you decide to drag the outside receiver then I recommend fading the middle receiver, unless they are in a cover 2 in which case it is best to streak.


  1. Either Drag (Especially if they double flat one side of the field.

  2. The corner route. (If it is a hard flat this will be open every time, you can sometimes fit this behind a curl flat)


SE Corner Set Up 2

  1. Drag the middle receiver.

  2. Put your TE on a curl.


Based on how the user reacts.

  1. Drag route if they are double flatting one side of the field.

  2. If the user bails on the curl route, low ball or bullet.

  3. Corner route as always if they are playing hard flats.


Gun Trey Y Flex (Gives your opponent a different look while still providing some of the same plays.)

Levels Y Corner Set Up

Run Stock. Mix it in with SE Corner out of Trey Y Flex and Gun Trey!

SE Corner and Dagger Set Up

The same set up


Gun Trio Falcon

Pa Fork Under Set Up

  1. Leave Play Action

  2. Streak A

  3. Streak X

  4. Motion over your slot receiver (B)


  1. Either Crossing route.

  2. Touch pass the crossing route going from left to right if they are in cover 4 quarters. Bullet will get picked off.


Hb Draw: Simple run, and look for the opening. Great to catch your opponent off guard after passing the ball a lot.

-Note: When running HB draw run blocking traits do not apply. Run blocking stats apply to inside zone, power, stretch etc.


Pa Shot Wheel Set Up 1: Do not run this on Cover 4 Quarters

  1. Put B on a hitch (Slot Receiver).

  2. Fade your Tight End

Reads: Based off of the user.

  1. The crossing route from the middle receiver (Y).

  2. The Z Route (X).

  3. Playmaker hitch or throw it to him without playmaker.

Pa Shot Wheel Set Up 2

  1. Drag B (Slot Receiver).

  2. Fade A

Reads: Based off of the user.

  1. Y on the crosser.

  2. B on the drag.

  3. X on the Z Route.


Pa Shot Wheel Set Up 3

  1. Drag A (Your TE; remember to come out in Gun Y Off Trio Wk to have the RB on the field)

  2. Fade B and motion snap him to the opposite side of the trips.

Reads: Based off the user

  1. The crossing route (Y).

  2. The Drag route (IF the user bails out of their zone too soon.)

  3. The Z Route.

Gun Tight


Mesh Spot Set Up; Note: If your check downs are open, such as a drag, take it immediately!!

  1. Fade X (Cover 3 or Cover 4).

  2. Streak X (Cover 2).


  1. Look for the corner route if they are playing underneath. (Hard Flats)

  2. Spot Route if the user chases after the corner route

  3. Drag route if they are playing cloud or curl flats.

  4. Wheel Route Down the sideline if they are playing cover 2 hard flats; or if they are playing cloud flats/curl flats it will be open immediately.


Pa Cross: Run Stock this is a money play. Wait for someone to be open.


Z Spot (Extremely effective against cover 2, and looking for low ball passes, LT/L2 to low pass.) DON’T COME OUT IN GUN Y OFF TRIO WK. COME OUT IN GUN TIGHT IF RUNNING Z SPOT.

  1. Fade X

  2. You can leave the spot route or you can drag him. By dragging instead of leaving the spot route the C route will get open against curl flats and cloud flats much better.

Reads: Against cover 4 the C route is a very small window to low ball.

  1. Wait for the C route to develop on the side line (It will be open if they play hard flats).

  2. If they play over the top (Cloud flats or have curl flats) take the table route.

  3. If you leave the spot route read what the user is doing or low ball it.

  4. You can also low ball it to your TE unless they are playing a cover 2. If they are playing cover 2 then the vertical hook will play that. You have to wait if it is cover two for the corner route to get open against cloud flats.


Cover 3 One Play TD Driver Corner (Will not work if they are deep halving their corners.)

  1. Fade A or streak (I have found more success in fading).

  2. Drag B (Check down).

  3. Motion over Y (corner route) to make it a post and beat Cover 3 over the top.


  1. Post Route for the one play Touchdown.

  2. Drag route.

  3. Out Route (If they are playing hard flats.)



Red Zone Plays

5 yards and closer


Singleback Deuce Close


Hb Wham: You run this play stock and put in your best run blocking TE that is going to auto motion. You can also use the one cut feature (flicking RT/R2) to cut the run to the outside.


Stretch: You want to run this to the weak side of the field. If there is no weak side then you will want to flip the play or run it stock and motion over the other TE to help block. (This is a dead giveaway where you are running stretch towards).


Sticks Set Up

Put both TE on curl routes, and both wide receivers on zig routes.


Look for a high point to either TE (LB/L1 and the corresponding icon).


TE Angle: Run Stock


Look for the TE on the vertical for a high point. Or the drag if they shade over top. and Lastly the angle route. If the user abandons his zone assignent the angle will be open. BE CAREFUL AS MANY PLAYERS MAY LURK THIS ROUTE.


10-15 yard line


Levels Sail Set Up

Have your tallest wide receiver in the slot (Julio Jones, Randy Moss etc)


Your first read is always the table route. If they leave it open take it and try to spin the defender out. If that is not open look for a low point to the TE on the corner route. Lastly High point the 10 yard in route or bullet one of the 4 yard in routes as they come across the middle of the field wiht a low ball.

45 quick base Set Up

Put your fastest guard in and put a TE in at the slot position or a WR with good run blocking stats. Make sure your RB has good spin and can break a tackle (Saquon Barkley, or Ricky Williams).

Run the Ball and look for the open lane!


15-20 Yards out

Split Close WR Corner Set Up

Block the RB that is NOT running a table route and motion him out. (This will put him on a hitch route to use as a playmaker).


The C-Route: Look for a low ball or a straight bullet depending on how the flats play the route.

The Table Route: This is your FIRST read every snap! If it is open do not hesitate to take it immeiately!

Hitch: You can either playmaker him or lowball for a gain of about 3 yards if you low ball and potentially more if you playmaker him (Flick the right stick in any direction to playmaker).