eBooks and Coaching

Full Ebooks: Starting at $6.95

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To be able to gain access to the ebook after purchase please email us via "Contact" and we will send you the link to the corresponding ebook!

ProLegend's Bunch TE Scheme


This two time Redskins Club Champion is here to teach you the ropes of Bunch Tight End to get you from winning few games to getting yourself on the leaderboards!

The ULTIMATE Run Defense: $6.95

Shut down EVERY run in the game with this all inclusive Run Defense eBook!

FULL Miami Dolphins Scheme: 6.95

This FULL Scheme contains Trips TE, Gun Bunch, Split Close, I Form Slot, AND Strong Pro! A 60$ value for only $6.95


Perhaps you have a scheme and

want some pointers?

One Coaching session: $10 (1 Hour)

Please Read

When purchasing a coaching session please email me the following: Discord username, your gamerta. I ask that if you do not have discord to please get it set up as this will be the easiest form of communication. I will also need your PSN/GT to be able to invite you to a game and party.

Link for Discord: https://discordapp.com/

-This is a free app that can also be downloaded onto your mobile device by searching Discord in your respective app store.


NOTE: I do not currently have PlayStation Network and will not be able to play against PlaySation Users.